Wednesday, 16 August 2017

My Greek Summer - Mykonos island

Oh holidays! Music to me ears, especially this year that our life has been so hectic with traveling, saying (again) goodbyes to people we care, and most importantly with moving continents... one more time. So before we leave behind our lovely Netherlands, we packed our 4 suitcases with whatever they could fit for the summer, we load the rest of the house to a container for an oversea destination and off we left for our dream holidays place, Greece. This year we head to Mykonos. One of the most famous islands in Greece together with Santorini. Our only mission to just relax, eat, sleep and enjoy the Mediterranean sea and sun. No parties for 2 tired parents of 2. But is this possible, when Mykonos is known for its VIP profile, its crazy parties and extravagant events? Well, yes! if you know where to go you can have quite family holidays like anywhere else in Greece and if you feel like it you can always rub shoulders with the rich and famous visitors of the island. Here is my photo journal of our trip. Seat, look, and enjoy the view!

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Next chapter soon: Why i will miss the (North) Netherlands...

Another move, another set of goodbyes, another time for wet eyes, and emotional farewell dinners and coffee mornings. The Netherlands welcomed our family so warm, that it is very difficult to let things go. I never expected to feel so at home in a country where, we just came for work, where i don't speak the language, (although my time in Belgium helped me a lot) where i knew nobody, and where i had to start from 0. Well everything happened so easily, effortless, and calm. We found a house close to my ideal kind of house, in an area where you can easily find anything you need on a walking or biking distance. In a beautiful setting surrounded by nature and animals. Where the rhythms of life are relaxed and organized. Nothing fancy or glamorous, just pure normal living. And of course i had the luck to be at the right place at the right time to meet my first friend here at the gym, who she generously open her house, her hug and her other friendships and shared them with me. They say, or i say, you only need one person to connect so to stop feeling alone in a new place. Well, i had the privilege to meet more than one wonderful women, mothers and seekers of a better life for them and their family. Netherlands has been a box full with surprises!

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Why you need a "Mary Poppins" bag on your next trip with your kids!

I still remember the time that my parents were getting ready for our summer holidays, loading our car until the wheels looked almost flat from the extreme weight of our stuff and me trying to squeeze myself on the back seat having to battle with the falling hats, beach chairs, umbrellas and other summer paraphernalia. Sandwiches and some cold drinks for the road, and for entertainment the scratchy music of the broken radio signal or from a favorite /boring cassette of my parents. Windows open, no AC at that time, and ready to roll to our destination. No planning ahead from my parents for what to bring to keep me happy, no worries if I am going to get bored in the car, no stress about how they will keep me entertain. Some books and magazines, dolls when I was younger, and maybe a Walkman (and for the younger audience Walkman means small portable cassette player similar (not) to cd player, to mp3 or the smartphones/iPad now) were the only options and of course actually looking out of the window to the scenery around me. But traveling with kids now is a total different story and sometimes if you are not well prepared can be scary and painful... for you and the others around you!

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

The Positive Thinking Trend: not cool for everyone!

Hello! Spring has arrived here in the Netherlands and things have started looking more colorful and more positive already, the temperatures though not there yet! So, this post it is not by me. I have the pleasure to have a dear blogger/writer friend, guest writing here on my blog. Lety Ponte is originally from France. but she has been traveling a lot for studies and later because of the work of her husband, so she is a serial expat mom like me! For now she lives here in the Netherlands and apart from a wonderful husband and daughter has a very beautiful site where she shares what she loves most "Life, Positive eating, Mindfulness and Spirit Guidance are ‘my things’" as she mentions at her site. Lety loves the earth. Forests and magical gardens are her hideaways, but she is also working a lot towards reaching and improving her higher self and has the gift to bring beautiful messages from high above to others. Many of this messages you can find them at her site or by simple asking her for guidance. Here she shares with us about the pressure of the "trend" of positive thinking and what are actually the real tools so to conquer  this! Enjoy and follow Lety here if you want some more light in to your life.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Greece's beauty motivates the Greeks

Greece is in an economic turmoil for a long time now. Is on the news everywhere in the world almost every month. Bubbles that burst and flooded the streets, the businesses and the homes with despair, financial uncertainty, unemployment and sadness. But Greeks are trying to take everything day by day, and right now the only motivation I see in their eyes is the country by itself. Greece is the gas that makes the motor run everyday. The beauty that this land was given is the driving force for Greeks to wake up and move on with their day. The hope of a bright, sunny day that will warm their skin and light the darkest spots of the cities. The blooming trees and flowers along the roads. The smell of lilac flower, and jasmine from the house fences. The barefoot feeling on the sandy beaches and the first touch of the Mediterranean sea after months of waiting. Greece is a feeling, it gets in to you even if you are not Greek, and it stays with you forever.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Positive people are rare, embrace them!

I am privileged to have some people in my life that by choice see the glass half full. No matter what life brings to them: health issues, money issues, personal matters, job issues, they manage to turn it to something positive and beneficial for them and for the others around them. These type of people are dreamers, are romantic by nature and they have a deep belief in others. They say I love you easily, a word that many people are scared even to think, and they mean it, because for them it means "I care for you", "I care for your wellbeing", "I want you to be happy", " I am here for you." What we don't understand is that these people are here and next to us so to protect us and our soul. To remind us that happiness sometimes is inside a very small box, that when you open it, it multiplies and spreads its wings like the butterfly when she is leaving her cocoon, and paints rainbows on the pavement and the walls and sheds warm light to our darkest corners, this powerful light that we all need so to survive. Positive and happy people are here to teach us to appreciate whatever we consider a given thing in our everyday life.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Falling apart is the new strong

A good friend recently asked me "Nely, what do you do when you feel low, and how do you recover?" The answer from me was clear. I see my life as a rollercoaster and so does my mood. I have my exciting peaks, and I have my terrible lows. I allow my self to have grey days, days with  inward discussions and thoughts or with just silence. These days are as much valuable as the good days. I have learned, and I have grown so much through out these days. On these days behind my "dark glasses" I will try to see clearer and figure out my life, my goals, my future. I will re-evaluate, appreciate and recognize the people and the situations around me. These are the days that have managed to make me stronger every time.